Expanding Apprenticeship Resources Page

Finding the resources necessary to expand Registered Apprenticeship in Washington can be a difficult task. You can find brochures on one site, policies at another and contacts at yet another. We know the feeling, it happend to us too.  So we brought together these materials, created by the last couple rounds of grants, to set the foundation and avoid recreating the wheel.

Please use these materials, logos and information to take Apprenticeship to the next step or read this terminology list to keep our vocabulary the same

Work to expand apprenticeships has been done by multiple grants and the goal is to make it all available in one place for you to use. Included here:

  • Terminology List
  • Registered Apprenticeship Overview
    • What does it mean
    • What is the background
  • ESD's Apprenticeship Microsite
    • Apprenticeship seekers
    • Employers/sponsors
    • Current registered apprentices
  • Branding and Marketing
    • Logos
    • Approved color schemes
    • Survey results
  • Policy Updates
  • Employer Engagement
    • Labor and Industries work
    • What employers need to know
  • Apprenticeship Preparation (Pre-Apprenticeship)
  • Outreach Library

We’re looking forward to the great ideas where you’ll use this foundation to move Registered Apprenticeship ahead in Washington.  We are confident the workforce development strategy will pay dividends for Washington employers, workers and youth for years to come.