Outreach and Resource Library

Quick overview - Be sure to check back often for more materials

Thr outreach and resource library is for you to use to teach the world about Registered Apprenticeships (RA).  Feel free to adapt to your needs and use to fulfill your grant work to expand RA.  It is a compliation of materials from all the groups on RAISE, AAI, USA Apprenticeship grants and more.


Professionally Created Branding

Washington Registered Apprenticeship Logo


  • Poster - Apprenticeship seeker (.pdf) - coming soon
  • Poster - Apprenticeship seeker - template (.pdf) - coming soon
  • Brochure - Apprenticeship seeker (.pdf) - coming soon

Additional Branding Materials

  • Branding guide (link)
  • Icons - blue and green (.zip)
  • Color specifications (.pdf)

Outreach and Education

Registered Apprenticeship (RA)

Labor & Industries

  • RA coordinators and industry breakdown, by region (.doc)
  • Contact L&I to become a training agent (link)
  • Current RA programs in WA state (link)

Employer Engagement

  • RA info for Employers (link to LNI)
  • RA 101 Presentation (.ppt)
  • Understanding the RA model (.pdf) 
  • Benefits to the employer and apprentice (.pdf)
  • Pre-Apprenticeship - getting started (.pdf)
  • Quick-start toolkit from DOL (.pdf)
  • Dept. Commerce benefits and costs of RA - employer perspective (.pdf)
  • Employment and Training Administration (WorkforceGPS) outreach
    • Strategies in action (.pdf)
    • Talking to business (.pdf)
    • Business engagement quick guide (.pdf)

Employer Path to RA (outline)

Pathway to RA map (1 page, ppt)

Section I (see map)

  1. Business outreach guide (.doc)
  2. Business outreach training (.ppt)

Section II (see map)

  1. RA basics - An employer approach (.ppt)
  2. RA basics for employers - guide (.doc)

Section V (see map)

  1. Sponsor new program guide (.doc)
  2. Sponsor new program training (.ppt)

ApprenticeshipWA.com flyers

  • Sponsor flyer (.pdf)
  • Employer flyer (.pdf)
  • Career-seeker flyer (.pdf)
  • Create a sponsor account in WorkSourceWA.com (.pdf)

RA Terminology List

  • State definitions (.pdf)
  • Common terminology (.pdf)

Apprentice/Youth Engagement

  • S. Seattle Col. RA brochure (.pdf)
  • Comparing career pathways (.pdf)
  • What is apprenticeship preview (pre-apprenticeship) (.pdf)
  • Parents guide (.pdf)
  • Data dashboard - Construction Ctr Excellence (link
  • Pre-apprenticeship (link) - Women apprenticeship stories


Research and Studies

  • WSU return on investment Study 2017 (.pdf)
  • RA ROI calculator (.xls) (read me)
  • Employer RA survey 2017 (coming soon)

Other Resources

What else to know

This is an ever changing site.  As new materials are made, we can add more to continue the momentum.  Please reach out to Chad Pearson (cpearson@esd.wa.gov) to add products you create.