Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Grants

Each year, the Employment Security Department notifies the state's 12 local Workforce Development Boards of their upcoming WIOA allocations for the next year through a Workforce Information Notice, or WIN.  This WIN follows issuance of the WIOA Title I formula allocation Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) from USDOL, typically around April.  The Program Year Youth allocations are typically released in April, and the Adult & Dislocated Worker Program Year and Fiscal Year allocations are typically released separately in June and September, respectively.

WIOA Grants Forms

Workforce Development Boards will complete a new process for WIOA allocations beginning with PY17/FY18 grants.  Below are the form templates corresponding to the new instructions detailed in WIN 0087:

Instructions from Contracts Office

Subaward Agreement templates:

Exhibit A-1 – Budget and Performance Planning form templates:


WIOA Grants Administration Resources

The resources below offer important information on federal regulations and guidance for those involved in grants administration and management in our One-Stop system.