WorkSourceWA Reporting Page

WSWA Job Seeker and Employer Activity Statewide Report - This report shows job seeker and employer activity on the website. A user does not have to be registered in ETO in order to appear as a metric on this report. This is handy for showing all activity on the site, but unfortunately, we are unable to break the totals down to WDA/office, because these are only hits to the website, and therefore we do not have a location identifier.

WSWA Monthly Job Match Metrics Report - This report shows point in time metrics on WSWA direct posted jobs, number of resumes available for search and employer activity. The report breaks down monthly seeker and employer stats, all-user stats and includes definitions.

WSWA Job Postings by ONET, by NAICS, by WDA Report - This report takes all the job postings in and allows a user to drill down into both the occupation and the industry of the job post. This allows a greater range of analysis of job orders, the occupations that are in demand based on postings and the industries in which those occupations may be included. This report also allows the user to select the individual WDA where the job is physically located. This report will allow several combinations of WDA’s to be selected as well, depending on whether the analysis needs to look beyond a particular area’s borders to assist job seekers.