Qtrac log-on

Qtrac is the WorkSource scheduling solution that customers and staff can use to book appointments at WorkSource offices for services.

To log into Qtrac - click here.

Note:  If you have a Qtrac account, have problems logging in, and have recently been migrated to the firsname.lastname@esd.wa.gov format for your ESD email, please reach out to ESDDLITSDWSSSysAdmins@esd.wa.gov for assistance updating your Qtrac account.

The steps in these documents detail how WorkSource staff members (ESD and non-ESD WorkSource Staff that have been granted access to use the Qtrac scheduling software) will log in to Qtrac and manage their customer engagements.

Directions on how to login to the Qtrac staff management portal:

To log into the Qtrac TEST environment - click here.  NOTE:  Do not enter any real WorkSource appointments in this environment.  This is for testing and training purposes only.