How to report Qtrac issues

  •  I have questions about how to do something in the system – where can I find help?
    • You can review the training materials under Training Resources  or you can reach out to your supervisor or local Super User for assistance related to your local model.
  • I don’t think the system is working correctly, how do I report it? 
    • If your concern is about the length of an appointment, the hours service appointments are available, or something else specific to your office or area, please check in with your local Super User. 
    • For concerns about how the system is functioning, if you're using an ESD-issued laptop you can submit a Remedy ticket online through ESD Technical Support Service Desk Request Online by selecting 'Qtrac Scheduling' under 'Available Requests.' If you're not using an ESD-issued laptop, you can email your request to Technical Solutions using the Service Request Form.
    • We encourage you to review this checklist of things to try before submitting a service ticket.
  • If you are a Super User and need to request a configuration change, see the detailed instructions below.
  • If you can’t log in to the system, if the public facing website is down, or if you have another work stoppage: all users can call the ESD Technical Support Service Desk in the Olympia area at 360-507-9700 or outside the Olympia area, toll-free at 877-397-1212.

I need access to Qtrac

If you have not yet been granted access to Qtrac:

Check out the Security Administration page for more details.

How to request changes to office appointment settings or new/updated reports in Qtrac

  • Information for staff
    • If you believe a change is needed to your office configuration, please talk to your office Super User.
  • Information for Qtrac Super Users only

Process for ordering and printing Qtrac Walk-in “Scan to join the line” posters

Qtrac walk-in posters allows in-person customers to self-register their same-day visit at your WS office. Using their mobile phone, they will scan a QR code or text a phone number to complete their customer walk-in registration to be added to the Qtrac virtual line at the office.

 Note Super Users: Please contact your WorkSource Brand and Media group designees to have Qtrac Walk-in posters printed for your office. They will work with Richard Linehan (ESD Communications) and your office on the process for ordering and printing the Qtrac walk-in posters to display for customers.