Qtrac service requests 

How to report Qtrac issues

  •  I have questions about how to do something in the system – where can I find help?
    • You can review the training materials under Training Resources  or you can reach out to your supervisor or local Super User for assistance related to your local model.
  • I don’t think the system is working correctly, how do I report it? 
  • If you are a Super User and need to request a configuration change, see the detailed instructions below.
  • If you can’t log in to the system, if the public facing website is down, or if you have another work stoppage: all users can call the ESD Technical Support Service Desk in the Olympia area at 360-507-9700 or outside the Olympia area, toll-free at 877-397-1212.

I need access to Qtrac

If you have not yet been granted access to Qtrac:

How to request changes to office appointment settings or new/updated reports in Qtrac

  • Information for staff
    • If you believe a change is needed to your office configuration, please talk to your office Super User.
  • Information for Qtrac Super Users only

Process for ordering and printing Qtrac Walk-in “Scan to join the line” posters

Qtrac walk-in posters allows in-person customers to self-register their same-day visit at your WS office. Using their mobile phone, they will scan a QR code or text a phone number to complete their customer walk-in registration to be added to the Qtrac virtual line at the office.

 Note Super Users: Please contact your WorkSource Brand and Media group designees to have Qtrac Walk-in posters printed for your office. They will work with Richard Linehan (ESD Communications) and your office on the process for ordering and printing the Qtrac walk-in posters to display for customers.