Requesting access to WorkSource-specific software

If you need access to ETO or Qtrac, check with your supervisor regarding required training and who in your office is responsible for submitting the request to your Access Requester.  The Access Requester will then submit the request to ITSD for processing.

The Access Requesters are listed by WDA and office to indicate who is authorized to submit requests to add new users, change user's office assignments/security roles, or request user accounts be disabled in both ETO and Qtrac. Staff not using ESD-issued equipment can reach out to a local ESD employee who can access the link below.

  • Link for ESD staff to the Access Requesters list (on InsideESD)

Policy 1021 (Rev1): Management Information System Access and Data Sharing, Disclosure, and Security Administration  To communicate Employment Security Department (ESD) and WIOA one-stop system partner roles and responsibilities related to data sharing, data disclosure, and security administration for the ESD’s management information system (MIS) used by state and local administrators and service providers to oversee and deliver U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) funded WIOA one-stop system services.


ETO user roles and permissions

ETO Add/Change User Form
Form used by Access Requesters to Add/Change/Disable ETO user accounts.

WorkSource Integrated Technology (WIT) Access Requester Training


Qtrac Add/Change User Form
Form used by Access Requesters to Add/Change/Disable Qtrac user accounts.

If you are looking for information on how to request access to Qtrac: