Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

More FAQs will be added as the project proceeds

Added: June 4, 2018

Q:  Will we get a chance to test out the new system before it goes live?

A:  We are working with subject matter experts (SMEs) to test specific functionality as it is being developed.


Q: How are SMEs chosen?  Can I be one?

A:  An initial list of self-identified SMEs was generated at the January Voice of the Customer sessions. Additional SMEs are being proposed by Workforce Development Council and ESD Employment Connection Division leadership.  The WAWIN governance committees – called the WorkSource Steering Committee and WokSource Advisory Team - will review the compiled list to ensure there are no gaps. If you have a strong interest in being a SME, contact one of the advisory committee members listed in their charter.


Q: Who are on the governance committees?

A: The WorkSource Steering Committee and WorkSource Advisory Team are comprised of representatives from the WDCs, ESD (WITS, EC, Communications, Policy, Monitoring, and Data Sharing), Monster Government Solutions and program subject matter experts.  Please see the Charters for these groups to see the actual names of the committee members and the work they are charged with doing:


Q: Will we be able to see the requirements that are being created to guide the development of WAWIN?

A: Yes. Requirements will be posted to the Workforce Professionals Center site after SMEs have reviewed them.


Q: Phase one of the project is due to release July 2018.  Is that portion of WAWIN still on track to be released at that time?

A:  No. WorkSource system partners have determined it makes more sense to deploy the jobseeker and business services portions of WAWIN together. This way, WorkSource employees won’t have to do their jobs using two different case management systems.


Q: How often will the WITS/WAWIN project team interact with the field?

A: Daily and/or weekly contact is being made with stakeholders depending on the need in the system development process. Since the WAWIN Voice of the Customer (VoC) conferences have been postponed, we will host smaller VoC sessions with program subject matter experts to keep the project moving. The requirements gathered in these sessions will be shared on the WPC website for staff to review. 

WorkSource employees also can provide input on WAWIN by using the Submit functionality ideas tool on the Workforce Professional Center website.


Added: May 4, 2018

Q: As a partner, I have a hard time keeping track of the tickets I turn into the WITS Service Desk. Will partners be able to submit tickets through ESD’s Remedy system anytime soon?

A: Yes. The WITS Service Desk is currently working with our vendor to build an external portal so that our external partners can turn in tickets electronically and track the progress. 


Q: During ETO development, we were told that the problem with duplicate employer accounts in SKIES would be corrected in ETO. This never happened. Will this problem be fixed in the new system?

A: ESD is responsible for migrating data into the new system. The team is working hard to clean up the data prior to migration and address issues such as duplicate employers.


Q: I’ve heard that some individuals, offices or areas are holding their own Voice of the Customer meetings. When can we schedule one in our area? 

A: We organized individual and small group sessions to determine program specific details the vendor needed in order to develop a particular piece of the system.  As a more inclusive method of collecting system requirements, we will host large Voices of the Customers conferences in late May and early June. We’ll send a hold-the-date card to all Employment Security and partner staff statewide. 

In addition, we plan to hold weekly small group sessions with WITS staff and program specific staff in the Olympia area, such as Employment System Policy, Workforce Monitoring, Records & Public Disclosure, Veterans, TAA/TRA and Workforce Initiatives.


Added: March 5, 2018

Q: What’s the timeline for the implementation of the new WS case management system?

A: The overall project has three separate phases. The first phase is due to roll out in July 2018 and will address business services and training providers. The second phase will address WIOA jobseeker’s life cycle of services and is due to be released February of 2019. The third and final phase is set for July 2019 and will cover the functionality needed for the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program.


Q: What are the plans for capturing additional Voice of the Customer (VoC) requests?

A: The project team is planning future VoC sessions. As part of that process, the team is working on a ways to respond to feedback provided at the first six VoC sessions, including:

  • There needs to be more people at the sessions.
  • The sessions should be in person rather than over the phone.
  • More advanced notice of upcoming sessions is needed.
  • We appreciate being heard and feeling our opinions mattered.
  • Managers need more advanced knowledge in order to choose candidates appropriately.
  • Sessions should be focused on functionality instead of a program.
  • The session need to address ISD and co-enrollment in more depth.
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) functionality is needed in to the new system.
  • We should involve other WIOA partners, not just WIOA funded partners.
  • More session in more locations, and
  • Yes, we need coffee!!

We are exploring hosting two day conferences on both sides of the state with plenary and breakout sessions that are repeated both days.  Breakout and plenary session descriptions will be sent to all workforce WIOA partners and EVERYONE would be invited to the session on your side of the state.  Stay tuned for more developments.  See feedback from earlier VoC sessions.