RESEA (Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessments) program gets a refresh!

On March 16, Employment Security will launch statewide a refreshed model of the RESEA program. This refresh model continues to incorporate key components of our Customer First model. DOL is very supportive and will help all staff get consistent training on program requirements, which must align with current and past DOL guidance.

States are now required to formally evaluate all components of our service delivery model to determine its effectiveness on reducing claim duration. Future funding will rely heavily on our ability to demonstrate that we are using effective methods of serving our customers.

Some notes about the RESEA refresh

  • We are releasing new tools to use when serving your customers.
  • Standards and expectations will be documented in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to support consistent service delivery.
  • Monitoring will ensure we are meeting state and DOL requirements.
  • The refresh will be formally evaluated over the next few years by a team from LMEA. We are in the beginning stages of identifying how this may impact service delivery.

What’s staying the same?

  • The focus remains on serving our customers’ individual needs.
  • Customer one-on-one appointments will continue.
  • The core elements of the RESEA appointment will be the same. These are identified in Policy 4050.
  • The self-scheduler process will remain the same.


Q: Are staff able to sign up for RESEA refresh training now?

A: Registration is happening now. Sign up on the training calendar on the Workforce Professionals site.


Q: Can staff currently going through Professional Pathways attend RESEA refresh training?

A: No. The initial refresh trainings are for staff who are currently delivering RESEA services. eLearning modules and other new tools will be available for Professional Pathways participants at a later date.

Q: Will training be on LMS?

A: LMS modules for each of the RESEA components will be developed after in-person training is complete.


Q: What does "using effective methods” mean in reference to the RESEA evaluation process?

A: Effective methods include services proven through rigorous evaluation and determined by DOL to positively impact rapid employment and reduced claim duration.


Q: Does the evaluation coincide with supervisor monitoring?

A: No. Evaluation determines which components of RESEA are effective and will not change. Monitoring focuses on required elements and compliance with policies, expectations and procedures.


Q: Will the monitoring forms be updated?

A: Yes. We are working to create a clear process around completing required components.


Q: Will the RESEA refresh change the way we serve seasonal workers?

A: Not at this time. Seasonal workers are currently not eligible for exemption and therefore must meet UI work search requirements, including attending RESEA appointments. Seasonal workers should be given the same access to the full array of services available and the opportunity to explore current or new career paths.


Q: Will the RESEA refresh impact FTE targets?

A: This is still under evaluation. There may be a need to increase staff based on .


Q: Does Paid Family and Medical Leave impact RESEA?

A: Maybe. A claimant’s eligibility may be impacted by PFML benefits. If a customer indicates that they are claiming UI and PFML, staff should follow the process to submit a detailed to UI adjudication.