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Recruit, Train, Place


Key Requirements:

  • All participants must meet eligibility requirements and be enrolled in either WIOA Adult or the WIOA Dislocated Worker program
  • Must document local program as WDA 7 – RTP on enrollment and services

Program Enrollment:

  1. Complete all required eligibility screening and documentation for WIOA Adult or Dislocated Worker program
  2. Once approved, enroll participant in the WIOA program they are eligible for and record the Local Program as WDA 7 - RTP
  3. Complete Program Enrollment TouchPoint in its entirety and validate that the Demographics at Time of Enrollment tab is complete and accurrate
  4. Save the TouchPoint


 Recording Essential Skills Training:

  1. Create a new Basic Service TouchPoint
  2. Select the Active Program Enrollment for the WIOA program with RTP local program from the drop down menu
  3. Select WDA 7 – RTP in the local program field:
  4. Select Miscellaneous Workshop as the Service Provided
  5. Input Essential Skills Training – [insert module name here] in the Course field:
  6. Complete all other relevant fields on the TouchPoint and Save