The Workforce Professionals Center provides a single website for workforce-development data, resources, policies and events across Washington state. Using the tabs above and the lists below, this website can make tools used within the WorkSource system easier to navigate.  


News & Events

Policies & WINS published in May

  • 1030 - Gubernatorial designation of additional populations with barriers to employment under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014
  • 1031 - Management of Medical and Disability related information
  • 1032 - Guidance on the Use of Federal Funding to Support the Cannabis Sector
  • 1033 - America's Job Center Network
  • 0073 (Rev44) - WIN: WIOA operating guidance issued to date by DOL through TEGLs, UIPLs, and TENs
  • 4045 - WIOA Title III Wagner-Peyser Monitoring
  • 5624 - State Guidance and Instructions for the QUEST National Dislocated Worker Grant
  • 5625 - State Guidance and Instructions for the Federal Economic Security for All Program

Policies out for public comment 

  • 7005 - Community Reinvestment Fund - Coment Perios ends May 20, 2024