State guidance - WorkSource Information Notices (WIN)

WIOA Operating Guidance

  • 0073 (Rev45) - WIN: WIOA operating guidance issued to date by DOL through TEGLs, UIPLs, and TENs 


  • 0107 (Rev10) - WIN: Temporary suspension of WorkSource System Policy 1101 (CASAS for Basic Skills Assessment) to allow alternative documentation of basic skills deficiency in WIOA Title I-B programs (Expires 12-31-24)
  • 0108 (Rev11) - WIN: Temporary suspension of the 30 percent limit on transfers of formula grant funds between the WIOA Title I-B adult and dislocated worker programs to allow up to 100 percent transferability (Expires 6-30-25)
  • 0109 (Rev10) - WIN: WIOA Title I-B verbal self-attestation and remote eligibility documentation and registration requirements during the COVID-19 emergency (Expires 6-30-24)

Data and Information Management 

  • 0041 (Rev1) - WIN: Address Confidentiality Program
  • 0056 (Rev11) - WIN: Lower Living Standard Income Level by Family Size  
  • 0077 (Rev16) - WIN: WorkSource Services Catalog 
  • 0081 (Rev4) - WIN: WIOA Title I and III procedures for creating accounts in Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) when individuals do not provide Social Security Numbers 
  • 0082 (Rev1) - WIN: Real-Time Data Entry in the Efforts To Outcomes (ETO) System 
  • 0099 - WIN: Changing Local Employment Center (WorkSource office) information in the UTAB system 
  • 0120 - WIN: Procedures for Adding Participants to Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) When Individuals Are Unable to Create a WSWA Account
  • 0123 - WIN: New ETO services to support expanded approved in-person WorkSource job search activities 
  • 0133 - WIN: Temporary revocation of WorkSource System Policy 1021, Revision 2 - Management Information System Access and Data Sharing, Disclosure, and Security Administration
  • 0134 - WIN: Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) Procedures to Support Postsecondary Credential Data Collection (Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) elements 1332 and 1406)


  • 0119 (Rev5) - WIN: Program Year 2021 and Fiscal Year 2022 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I-B and III Allotments to the State and Workforce Development Areas 
  • 0122 - WIN: Program Year 2021 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I-B Youth, Adult and Dislocated Worker Federal Award Term 
  • 0127 (Rev3) - WIN: Program Year 2022 and Fiscal Year 2023 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I-B and III Allotments to the State and Local Workforce Development Areas 
  • 0136 - WIN: Program Year 2023 and Fiscal Year 2024 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I-B and III Allotments to the State and Workforce Development Areas
  • 0137 - WIN: Employer incentive payments under the Apprenticeship Building America grant (Exp 6-30-26)
  • 0143 - PY24/FY25 WIOA Title I-B and III Allotments to the State and Workforce Development Areas

Unemployment Insurance

  • 0027 (Rev4) - WIN: Assisting Customers in Using the UI Claimant Website (eServices) 
  • 0028 (Rev1) - WIN: Washington State's Unemployment Insurance Training Benefits Program 
  • 0090 (Rev2) - WIN: Assisting UI Claimants in WorkSource Offices  
  • 0141 - Unemployment Insurance Navigator Program
  • 0142 - New work search activities for Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants added to ESD.WA.GOV


  • 0086 - WIN: Enrollment of Homeless Veterans Program Participants in the WorkSource System
  • 0095 - WIN:  Recognizing WorkSource Business Partners: HIRE Vets Medallion Award 

Other / miscellaneous

  • 0042 (Rev11) - WIN: Program Year 2023 Self-Employment Training Demand Targets  
  • 0062 (Rev1) - WIN: Tribal Outreach & Resources 
  • 0083 - WIN: Application of Governor's Executive Order 17-01 to the One-Stop System
  • 0130 - WIN: Termination provisions of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA), and Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA)
  • 0131 - WIN: Federal finding on exit goals in local WIOA Title I-B Youth service provider contracts
  • 0138 - WIN: Interview Participant Payments Under the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) Equity Grant 
  • 0140 - WIN - Community Reinvestment Fund

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