WIOA Title IB Federal Awards and Subawards

This page contains information regarding federal funds awarded under Title IB of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) by the US Department of Labor (USDOL) to the Employment Security Department (ESD). This information is made available to all subrecipients of WIOA Title IB funds, pursuant to Uniform Guidance and USDOL requirements.

Each year, ESD notifies the state's 12 Local Workforce Development Boards (LWDBs) of their WIOA Title IB allocations for the upcoming year through a Workforce Information Notice, or WIN. This WIN follows issuance of the WIOA Title IB formula allocation Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) from USDOL, typically around April. The Program Year Youth allocations are typically released in April, and the Adult & Dislocated Worker Program Year and Fiscal Year allocations are typically released separately in June and September, respectively.

Federal Award Terms 

These Federal Award Terms are incorporated by reference into all WIOA Title IB grants issued by ESD. All subrecipients of WIOA Title I funds must comply with these terms.

Subaward Information Table & Notices of Funds Available

The Subaward Information Table (SIT) and Notices of Funds Available (NFA) are incorporated by reference into WIOA Title IB grants administered by ESD. These documents contain federal award information required per 2 CFR 200.332 and System Policy 5250. The SIT includes introductory content, a list of ESD points-of-contact by subject area, and information pertaining to all WIOA Title IB subawards. The NFA contains specific subaward information by individual subrecipient. The NFA also serves as official notice from ESD to each subrecipient that WIOA Title IB funds are available to the subrecipient.

If a subrecipient believes information included in these documents is incomplete or incorrect, they are asked to notify ESD promptly by contacting the appropriate points-of-contact provided.

Please note that the SIT and NFA were published as distinct documents. Effective PY21/FY22, these documents have been consolidated and incorporated as a single reference below.

Grants Administration Resources

The resources below offer important information on federal regulations and guidance for those involved in grants administration and management.