Equal Opportunity Monitoring

The State Equal Opportunity (EO) Office, along with 12 local EO Officers, work together to ensure equal access to the workforce system for all Washingtonians. The State EO Office is housed in the Employment Security Department (ESD); each of the 12 local EO Officers is appointed by and represents a Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) in Washington state. 

NASWA representative and Teresa Eckstein holding an award
National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) Board President Anna Hui awarding ESD's Equal Opportunity Director Teresa Eckstein the prestigious William J. Harris Equal Opportunity Award, presented by the NASWA Equal Opportunity Committee. This award recognizes a state demonstrating excellence and innovation in the area of equal opportunity.

Through collaboration, the State EO Office and the local EO Officers work to address and eliminate barriers, ensure compliance with the nondiscrimination and EO provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014, and share best practices for consistency across the state. Read about EO compliance

In compliance with the Nondiscrimination and EO provisions of WIOA, annual monitoring for compliance will be conducted:

  • Each LWDB EO Officer conducts annual EO monitoring of each of its service providers and sites.
  • The ESD EO Officer conducts annual EO monitoring of ESD programs (e.g., Unemployment Insurance, Leave & Care programs, ESD Central Office programs).
  • The State EO Office completes annual compliance monitoring reviews of each LWDB and spot-checks their centers and service providers.

Monitoring ensures compliance with:

  • Washington State Nondiscrimination Plan
  • Section 188 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
  • Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended
  • LWDB Equal Opportunity Policies

The State EO Office’s approach to monitoring is to help LWDB’s be in compliance and to serve as a resource for technical assistance and compliance support. The State EO Office and the LWDB local EO Officers collaboratively developed the tools and forms in the nondiscrimination monitoring guide linked below. We believe monitoring for compliance is a positive way to ensure equal access to services, and we work with local EO Officers, service providers and sites to maintain compliance with the nondiscrimination and EO provisions of WIOA.

Washington State WIOA EO & Nondiscrimination Monitoring Guide

ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities

EO Monitoring Report Template


State EO Office staff and contact information

Teresa Eckstein, Equal Opportunity Director – 360-507-9890, teresa.eckstein@esd.wa.gov

Megan Eason, Equal Opportunity Officer – 360-507-9891, megan.eason@esd.wa.gov

Kelly Moore, Senior Equal Opportunity Consultant – 360-507-9892, kelly.moore@esd.wa.gov

Cris Sippel, Equal Opportunity Consultant – 360-507-9893, christina.sippel@esd.wa.gov

Jessica Do, Equal Opportunity Consultant – 360-507-9534, jessica.do@esd.wa.gov

EO group email address: esdgpeo@esd.wa.gov

EO mailing address:

Equal Opportunity Office
Employment Security Department
PO Box 9046
Olympia, WA 98507-9046