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Important Note:  The DI Team does NOT define nor create any of the definitions/calculations for the new DOL QRAs (QRA Calculations), or any of the DOL Performance Measures (QPR Calculations), on the PIRL, or any other Federal report or performance measure calculations (Like the UNTEER employment rate) you may have access to.  DOL deciphers, defines, and maintains the “what” the “why” and the “how” for those definitions/calculations, at the Federal level, within their DOL official guidance/laws, for all of the 50 states and the territories.  DOL provides the 50 states and the territories with pseudo code, in order to replicate the definitions, numbers, and percentages.  The DI Team only provides visuals, for you.  As to why those numbers and percentages sometimes seem to be in conflict with each other (They all use the same data set, the PIRL), will also be defined, within DOL’s official guidance/laws, of which the DI Team always provides, with our dashboards. 

QRA Background and Purpose

The DOL ETA’s data integrity check tool, the Quarterly Reporting Analysis (QRA), aka the “PIRL Data Integrity (DI) Report” is produced quarterly, providing consistent aggregate views of the state’s data, and identifying areas where the state’s data does not conform to ETA’s expectations. 

Currently, in total, there are 16 QRAs, which affect all of Title Ib (Adult (AD), Dislocated Workers (DW) and Youth (Y)), and Title III Wagner-Peyser (WP), but within the new QRA dashboards, there will be an opportunity for an analysis, of all the WorkSource programs, reported on the PIRL.

  • All of the 16 QRAs, are currently, in a Pilot stage, and they are not currently required by law, meaning the QRAs are NOT laid out by official DOL guidance.  But, DOL has mentioned many times of making the QRA process official, soon.  The QRAs have been in a Pilot stage since the start of PY20Q1 (6/30/20), with many adjustments, since then.  DOL modifies/changes the QRAs, on a “as need” basis.  To get more information on the QRA process, go to WorkforceGPS.

The QRA report card includes targets and state specific results, for the most recent quarter.

  • The QRA series of spreadsheets which provides states with feedback regarding their performance reports in selected metrics or data elements. This analysis includes a review of the data submitted, anomalies and outliers, and other potential data quality issues, which may indicate reporting inaccuracies.

  • Grant recipients are encouraged to incorporate ETA’s analysis into their data validation processes. States are encouraged to review the analysis and address any data quality issues.

  • No action is required for states that meet all QRA targets AND states NOT participating in the QRA Pilot stage.  WA State IS NOT a DOL QRA Pilot state.

  • However, volunteer Pilot states, NOT meeting their QRA targets, must provide a response in each instance where a target is not met, to include the following:

    1. The reason for failing to meet the target in the designated QRA Measure. (Use the “Problem Type” drop down menu.  See “Descriptions” tab for expanded descriptions.)

    2. The quarter in which the state expects to resolve the report failures. (Use the “Solve by Quarter” drop down menu.)

    3. A description of the corrective action that states will use to resolve the report failures. (Use the “Resolution” column and keep responses to 250 Characters.)

    4. Any additional narrative can be provided in the email transmitting the workbook back to the region.

  • Formal/Official guidance will be coming out soon, regarding the QRAs becoming a required part, of the overall PIRL data validation process. At that point, the process of using the DOL QRA worksheet will become required, AND all of states will then officially, be held accountable.  Currently, only the Pilot states are required, and are being held accountable.  WA State IS NOT a Pilot state.

Most Recent DOL QRA National Perspective, DOL QRA Data, DOL QRA Data Definitions, and DOL QRA Worksheets, for WA State, by Program

  • Current Reports


   Title III WP - PY23Q2

   Title Ib Adult - PY23Q2

   Title Ib DW - PY23Q2

   Title Ib Youth - PY23Q2