Sprint Review Engagement & Feedback 

It's critical for users of the new system to engage throughout the build process by providing timely input. User engagement will help shape a system that delivers the features and benefits that create positive outcomes for staff and create more time communicating with customers.

Why watch a Sprint Review?

Click here and Commissioner Cami Feek will tell you!

Two ways to access Sprint Review Sessions

  1. Live attendance - The next Sprint Review will take place Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024 from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Click here to attend live!

  2. Recorded (available on-demand) - Select the recording you are interested in reviewing at a time most convenient for you!

After watching a Sprint Review, staff are encouraged to give their honest feedback via the link, which goes to the Product Manager.   

Sprint Review Recordings

Sprint Review recordings are organized by topic to allow viewers to access the recording by topic instead of being required to view the entire session. After clicking any of the links below, you will have access to that recorded session. 


Self Registration

Self-Service Registration Flow

Recording Segments | Feedback Form


Self-Service: Create New Job Seeker Account

Recording Segments | Feedback Form


Self-Service Registration, Feedback, Intake, and Case Manaegment System

Recording Segments | Feedback Form


Self-Service Intake and Dynamic Contact Record

Recording Segments | Feedback Form


Who to contact

Lead Development Partners (listed below) represent the WorkSource community at-large in the product build meetings working with the Product Team. They facilitate meetings with subject matter experts in gathering details, however if staff have specific ideas or concerns, please reach out to them directly. 

The contact for the Product Team is Product Manager Michael Luchini (michael.luchini@esd.wa.gov).


Sprint Review Process


Glossary of terms 

  • Sprint Planning: The Product Manager will prioritize the product backlog items the team will work on during that sprint. The Product Manager also discusses their initial plan for completing those product backlog items with the team. 

  • Daily Scrum: A short daily meeting, ideally during the start of the workday. Each team member participates and updates on work completed the prior day, impediments and the plan for the day.

  • Backlog Refinement: When a Product Manager and some, or all of the rest of the team review items on the backlog to ensure it contains the appropriate items, prioritized by value. The backlog refinement is sometimes called grooming and can happen anytime in a sprint. 

  • Sprint Review & Demo: A meeting which the team determine what is finished and what is not and why. The demo showcases the value of work delivered to users and stakeholders. 

  • Sprint Retrospective: When the team discusses the sprint and determines what could be changed that might make the team continuously improve the sprint ceremonies.