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Caregiver Burnout: Symptoms and How to Avoid Them

Article on "The Senior List” website

How to Work from Home Without Losing It With Your Partner or Kids

Article on the Microsoft News “Lifestyle” blog

How to Help Children Cope Emotionally with the Coronavirus 

Article on the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress website

Parenting During COVID-19

List from “Psychology Today” magazine to put on your fridge

How to Ensure a Coronavirus Lockdown With Your Partner Doesn’t End in Divorce

Article from "Newsweek" magazine

Coronavirus: Tips for Dementia Caregiver 

Tips on the Alzheimer’s Association website for caregivers of patients at home or in care facilities

7 Tips to Survive Working From Home with Your Spouse 

Article on the CNN Business website

EAP Employee Work/Life Resources

To access resources, enter ESD for the organization code.

EAP Services

Overview of services offered from the Employee Assistance Program

How to let go of Working Mom Guilt

Article on the Harvard Business Review website

Managing Coronavirus Anxiety: Tips & Strategies for Families

35-minute video from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Rethink benefits

2.22-minute video introducing you to a comprehensive caregiver support system for families of children with special needs

Family Mental and Emotional Well Being

Resources from the Washington State Coronavirus Response

Parenting and Family Challenges: Helping Yourself and Your Family Through COVID-19

Hour-long recorded webinar from the Employee Assistance Program

Workforce Support During Extraordinary Times

Articles, videos and more from the Employee Assistance Program

You and Your Family

Resources from the Washington State Coronavirus Response to help keep your family physically, mentally and financially healthy

Resources for Continuous Learning During School Closures

Educational materials and general guidance from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Resources to Support Student Well-Being During School Closures

Resources to help parents, students and families recognize and respond to emotional and behavioral distress – From the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Why is Mommy So Stressed? Estimating the Immediate Impact of the COVID-19 Shock on Parental Attachment to the Labor Market and the Double Bind of Mothers 

Comprehensive report published by the Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute (.pdf document)

This Isn’t Sustainable for Working Parents 

Article from “The Atlantic” magazine website

Working Moms Bear Brunt of Homeschooling While Working During COVID-19

Article on the U.S. Census Bureau website

COVID-19 and the Gender Gap in Work Hours 

Article from "Feminist Frontiers" publication

Connecting with Childcare in the Community

A search tool from the Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families

Resources from the National Council on Family Relations:

Washington Listens Stress Helpline

Call 833-681-0211 to speak anonymously with a support specialist, who will listen and connect you to community resources in your area.

Working Connections Child Care

Information about state subsidized child care on the Department of Children, Youth & Families website

Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) and Head Start for 3- to 5-year-olds 

Information about these two programs on the Department of Children, Youth & Families website

  •  Free early learning child care or preschool to support child's development and learning.
  •  Family support and parent involvement
  •  Child health coordination and nutrition
  •  Services responsive and appropriate to each child's and family's heritage and experience

Child Care Aware of Washington

This website offers:

  • Free help finding childcare providers that best fit a family's budget
  • Help finding alternative options such as virtual play and learning groups

Working parents consider child care, alternative options

Article on Q13 Fox website

Self-Care Tips to Help you Care for Others

Article on the HR Exchange Network website

18 top self-care tips for being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic 

5-minute video

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA)


Behavioral Health Toolbox for Families - Supporting Children and Teens During the Pandemic

Information for families, parents, caregivers and educators to use to help children, teens and families recover from disasters and grow stronger (PDF document)

Self-Care and Caring for Others During COVID-19

A list of links to resources (PDF document)

Family Resources in COVID-19

Ideas, activities and information for families of young children in the time of coronavirus (PDF document)