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WDA Contacts-Trainers-Program Operators - Contains WDA/WDC contacts, WDA Offices, Employment Connections Program Operators and Support Specialists, One-Stop Operators, Data Corrections Contacts. Each WDA is listed individually by area and includes contact information for their local trainers, program subject matter experts, and One Stop Operators. Please contact the WSS Team with changes to this form at

Training Documents

ETO Basic and Refresher Training

Coming July 2022  ETO Basic Training is a 3-module online course designed for new users to gain access to the case management system in accordance with ESD policy requirements. These trainings can also be used as a refresher training for all current users of the ETO/WSWA system. 
The modules cover ETO basic functionality and resources to assist staff in cse management and business services. The training modules do not be cover policies, procedures, or program specifics. Program specific training is provided by Program Operators and specialists, supervisors, leads and program subject matter expert at your local office.
The agenda, found below, includes links to the training material covered in the recordings. 
  • ETO Basic training - Module 1 is an overview of the WPC tabs covering workforce-development data, resources, policies, and events across Washington state. 
  • ETO Basic training - Module 2 details training resources for ETO, WSWA, Qtrac scheduler and important technology resources. 
  • ETO Basic training - Module 3 covers the ETO services catalog, and overview of ETO functionality, and resources found on the WSWA job board.
  • ETO Basic/Refresher Training Video